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Live Life From Your Heart

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Living is

a thing you do

now or never – 

which do you?

Piet Hein

Welcome, from my heart to yours!

If you seek gentle but powerful healing and loving support, you are most welcome to explore these pages.

My name is Rikke. I am passionate about helping men and women, who are looking for a path home to themselves and to their heart. I love supporting and assisting those who wish to replace lack and deficit with balance and abundance, and who long to really feel at home on Earth, in their body and in this life. 

All it requires is an internet connection. 

The healing I offer is energy healing, that is based on the revolutionary methods The Emotion Code and The Body Code, that enables the body to tell what is causing the emotional or physical distress that you experience. Be it emotional baggage, toxins, nutritional issues, etc. 

I integrate aromatherapy and art therapy when it is expressed as a need by the body. 

I have made a magical journey myself, from loneliness, deep emotional and spiritual pain, and a body that was chronically out of order, to living a heart-centred life in a healthy, strong body. I wish the same for you!

You can read about my personal journey here.

If you are curious as to what other people have experienced when working with me, you can read testimonials on this page: Booking & Testimonials. If you are curious to learn more about how I can help YOU, then write to me: rikke(at)releaseandshine.com




Energy Healing and Aromatherapy

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What Others Say

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From Unhappy And Lost to Life of Joy and Purpose

Read about my personal journey

Thanks for the ride!

When I started working with Rikke, I was in a state of emotional and physical distress following a childhood and youth with emotional and physical abuse. Now I have a completely different experience of myself and my surroundings. I have great faith in the future. The journey Rikke took me on, has been transformative! She is an incredibly skilful guide, with enormous empathic abilities. Thank you for the ride – it was so worth it!


An incredibly rewarding experience

During the sessions, I could feel my heart opening and healing. It became easier for me to express affection and to receive love and care from those around me. I am truly happy that I encountered Rikke.