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Booking & Testimonials

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If you are interested in working with me, kindly follow this procedure:

  • Send me an email describing what you would like me to help you with, be as specific as possible.
  • Along with the description of your healing wishes, send me two full figure photos of yourself. One taken from behind and one from taken from the front. It is very important that I can see some of the space around and above you, as well as part of the floor or ground underneath you.

I will then use the images to tune in on you and determine if I can help you and how, using clairsentience and muscle testing.

The most important thing for me in the pictures is that I can sense into your entire energy field. I do not need to see your body clearly.

As soon as I have performed the reading I will get back to you on email.

If I believe I can help you, I will send you a specific offer, for you to accept or decline.

If I offer you my help you will have the option of a non-commital 20 min. Zoom or phone conversation, before you decide.

Send me your info on this email: rikke(at)releaseandshine.com

Or through my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/releaseandshine


What my former clients say

An Amazing Choice

Former client of Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen with her hand on her heart

I have worked with Rikke during a period of one year. It was an amazing choice!

Rikke is like an angel… She is warm and kind, calm and loving. She has a wonderful voice that helped me relax and feel safe in sessions.

The anxiety and panic, depression and despair…now they don’t rule my life anymore. I feel more powerful and more grounded than ever… I trust life more. And I know that even if I fall again, I will rise more easily.

I have lots of moments when I feel love and joy in my whole being just for small things or for nothing at all, just being alive. I find myself going back to simplicity.

I have had great feedback from people that I’m shining. I lost weight and feel more attractive and feminine. I improved my relationship with my parents and so much more… My heart is more open than ever even after all the suffering and it’s beautiful!

I sleep less (i used to oversleep), I wake up earlier and fresh, no more hard, tough mornings. I have fewer headaches and belly bloating. I have begun to see the connection between symptoms and emotions. I eat less compulsive. My back pains are gone and I’m more flexible and relaxed in the whole body. My yeast infections are gone. I don’t take medicines, I don’t get the flu or go to doctors.

It’s like something has opened inside and things just flow and come to me much more naturally. I have more clarity about everything, like a big curtain has been taken away from my eyes.
I definitely recommend this work… Give up what harms you and let Light guide you. Rikke was a mother, friend, sister, guiding me with light and love.

I play the victim, less and less. What I do play is this wonderful, magic game named life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Roxana Davidov

Gentle and Liberating

Tidligere klient hos Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen

I have been suffering from stress symptoms for many years. Some periods more than others, but always an underlying turmoil inside. It has been going on for about 10 years and I have tried psychologist, stress coach, sick leave and more. I had heard from a friend’s brother how great life changes Rikke had brought into his life. I felt locked and didn’t know what my next step was to get rid of my stress, so I gave it a shot with Rikke.

Body Code / Emotion Code is a very gentle type of healing where you are at home in your own safe environment. I’m always in my bed with a good cup of tea. I call Rikke and as soon as we connect a great peace to fall over me. I am led far down into my subconscious, far back to my childhood or to my ancestors, right into the heart of my soul, I think. That’s how it feels, anyway.

One of the many stress symptoms I always had was nausea. Already after the first conversation with Rikke, my nausea was completely gone and has never come back.

Slowly and quietly, the stress has disappeared from my life. I get better and better at handling the situations that used to make me feel stressed out before. It feels as if all the old, buried, unconscious and conscious emotions that previously had me “on a short leash” has been released and I am free to act … despite all the feelings I have as a human being.

I hereby give my warmest recommendations of Rikke’s work. It’s been wonderful for me.

Translated from Danish

Lone Petersen

The Freedom of the Heart

Tidligere klient hos Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen

The sessions I have had with Rikke has given me a new way of being in the world, filled with desire and joy. The depressing feeling of being locked up inside my self has eased away over time and in its own pace.

I have found a new sense of confidence in being myself in the company of others. A freedom of the heart. I feel much more ready for love, and my relationships with others have changed and become deeper and happier. Her way of working constantly gives me clarity and insights as to what happens to me and in my surroundings. Her being has set in motion a gentle, stable process in me, where I feel great freedom and joy within myself and in my family. Something that I have been looking for for years for my children and me.

Physically I have achieved relief in stress symptoms and improved sleep. Surprisingly, it has occurred within the six months that I have been treated by Rikke.

Translated from Danish

Vibe Wellejus

More Statements

  • I cancelled my appointment with the Osteopath… The morning after our session I woke up and my hip had gone back into alignment. There was no pain, and my left foot seemed more grounded and stable.

    Needless to say I was delighted, as this drive is very long and another expense.. I always knew intuitively that there was some connection to that foot and my pelvis, but the chiropractor and osteopath did not acknowledge this… The body always knows best… So I think you will appreciate this confirmation of your work….

    I’m feeling much better in terms of my “focus” and feel there is no longer “darkness” holding me back. There is no question that this aspect of my healing came from working with you Rikke…

    People that have not spoken to me in the past, acting distant and cold, are now approaching me and chatting…Could this be the Heart Wall???? I always knew that there was something inside (which was not me) causing this obscuration. Spirits?? Negative entities? Curses?? It really doesn’t matter, as long as the offenders have been “banished,” thanks to the Body Code…

    Carol B.
  • Rikke is something really special.

    With her presence, her gentleness and tranquillity, she makes me feel as if I am sitting right across from her, even though the sessions are by telephone.

    There is no doubt about her competence either. As I am writing this, it has been just over a year ago, that I started having sessions with Rikke. It was recommended to me by my chiropractor, who thought that I needed more than just correcting muscles and nerves, in order to get to the underlying causes of painful emotional patterns.

    And wow! From the very first session, I have experienced big and deep changes to my behaviour and my way of acting in relationships.

    A heart wall has been dissolved and then lots of old emotional baggage has been healed – some of it had been in my family for generations. It is difficult to describe the deep relief I have experienced.

    My main purpose was to become able to open my heart to a possible love partner. In a progressive manifestation process and during Rikke’s knowledgeable guidance, healing and unravelling of patterns, half a year ago I was “found” by the nicest man.

    (Translated from Danish)

    Hanne Beck
  • When I got in touch with Rikke, I was in a really poor condition and had tried many different approaches to get better. Although I have a very sensible lifestyle and many tools, there was still something that made me feel bad. Rikke began quietly, with her gentle voice, her strong focus and great professionalism, to unravel everything. Already after the first session, I felt much better. In addition, I got some really effective tools to balance what previously pulled me down.

    In a session with Rikke, you get a deep insight into the mechanisms that lie behind the situation you are in. Rikke works in a deeply impressive amount of layers. And it all makes sense.
    It feels very safe and loving to be in Rikke’s hands and her dedication, skill, gentleness and presence is just lovely to experience.

    I recommend everyone to gift themselves the insights and relief you will achieve in a healing journey with Rikke.

    (Translated from Danish)

    Mette S. K.
  • I suffered from financial anxiety for many years. Although I was trying to work with this anxiety with a psychotherapist and healing I could not get rid of it. Through a friend, I heard about Rikke and I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a huge success!

    Already after the first session, I felt so much lighter in my body and the anxiety had disappeared. I decided to continue with more sessions to “clean up” whatever else negative energies was hiding in my body and soul. It has become an amazing journey that the whole family is taking part in (my husband and three children). We all experience less resistance and more joy in our day to day living.

    Rikke is a wonderful person. Reliable, open, understanding and very present. In addition, Rikke is great at finding ways to support the healing process. In our family, we combine working with her with Body Talk sessions, Bachs Flower Remedies and sometimes other healers or psychotherapists who effectively complement the work we do with Rikke.

    I highly recommend anyone who feels they might carry old negative emotions and patterns around, to have them released with Rikkes help and thus achieve greater joy and more love in life.

    (Translated from Danish)

    Imke Bockelmann Bjældager
  • From the very beginning, I experienced great peace and a sense of safety in my sessions with Rikke, where she would find and release blockages and imbalances in my energy body. Personally, I had amazing effects from my sessions with Rikke, both physically and mentally.

    One of the things I really love about Rikke’s work is that it involves a very beautiful way of revisiting and honouring the wounds of the past. This aspect alone has been incredibly rewarding for me. In addition to that, I was particularly affected by Rikkes work with my heart. During the sessions, I clearly felt my heart becoming more and more open and healed. This has made it easier for me to express my love and to accept love and care from my surroundings.

    I have been deeply impressed and felt very helped and strengthened by my sessions at Rikke. I am very happy that I crossed paths with her.

    (Translated from Danish)

    Malthe Beck
  • I have sought out Rikkes help 5-6 times within the last couple of years, and it works.
    She can help you find answers, insights and she can help you heal. So much is possible, but your needs will be met for sure. Try it, especially if you are in doubt!

    It’s down right amazing!

    (Translated from Danish)

    Jacob Prasz Lejbowicz
  • In 2015, I went through breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy, but I renounced chemo and anti-hormone therapy. I had heard very positively about Rikke`s treatment and had a series of sessions with her subsequently, alongside other alternative treatment. I am impressed by Rikke`s precision regarding emotional and physical trauma – very precise when it came to identifying traumatic times in my life and even generations back. The effect is felt on a subtle level, but I feel relieved from having the weight of old energies, emotions and imbalances released. Today is I am completely well physically and emotionally, and my sleep has significantly improved.

    Thanks Rikke

    (Translated from Danish)

    Tove Enggård
  • When I first read about of the Emotion Code, I was intrigued. It made sense to me that our physical ailments could be tied to our emotional baggage.

    Rikke is a gifted healer and I have seen the benefits of the Body Code. I have had wrist pain in both wrists for many years and wondered if I would have to resort to surgery in the future. Rikke was able to clear the issues with my wrists and I have been pain free since.

    This is only one example of the healing that has taken place in my body. I have recommended Rikke to my family and friends, she is a gentle and kind healer and friend.

    Rebecca Madsen
  • I’m so happy to have met you and have been so happy with the sessions with you! They really meant a lot to me.
    The results are probably a mixture of my own work with The Emotion Code and the work you have done.

    I can really feel that I have no heart walls anymore. I feel much more confident and peaceful. In the past, I used to feel a lot of shyness and social anxiety, but now I just have a great time with other people. I’m just totally relaxed!
    I really feel at peace with who I am. Others tell me that they fell I am much more like “me”. And I feel it! It is absolutely wonderful!

    This kind of healing is a great gift for humanity!

    (Translated from Danish)

    Solveig Miller
  • I had heard a lot of good things about Rikke, both as a person and as a healer.
    Now I can personally confirm that she lives up to her reputation.

    I have had immense benefit from her help when I contacted her regarding my teenager. He struggled with a very intense emotional response to a traumatic experience.

    Rikkes first treatment of him took place, while he was having a consultation with our family doctor. I am convinced that my son recovered much faster than he would otherwise have done, thanks to her and he calm, pleasant and professional help. He was himself again after one conversation with the doctor and two sessions with Rikke!

    Personally, I have gained a much deeper understanding of how everything is energy, now that I have seen this work in operation. I give Rikke my warmest recommendations!

    (Translated from English)

    Gitte D.
  • Rikkes healing has created more joy, space and love in my life, both in relation to myself and my family.

    I have gained a greater understanding of what my life purpose is. I have been able to pursue my dreams to a far greater extent than I was able to before the sessions. I experience greater spiritual openness and a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of my life.

    Our finances has improved and we are attracting financial opportunities in a way I have not experienced before. All in all, I feel better. I have become a more calm mother to my son. I understand more and more how body and mind are mutually connected. I feel an energetic flow, both in my interior and in my outer life.

    Rikke has also treated my 5-year-old son, who has asthmatic bronchitis. In the past, we would often end up in the hospital, but not anymore, thanks to Rikke’s treatments.

    Something that particularly attracts me to Rikke as a healer is her enormous empathic ability and her confidence in her intuition. It creates an intense feeling in the sessions and gives me such a deep trust in her as a heal that I put my own and my family’s life in her hands without hesitation.

    (Translated from Danish)

    Mille Duvander.

Roser fra min indbakke

  • Hearing your voice again was so special🙏❤️ I felt so loved today – thank you for being my friend and showing me that the journey towards the light is worth it and I am able to do it💕

    I keep seeing you in ‘my imagination as ‘a fairy kind of angel. Delicate but so strong/powerful at the same time❤️ I admire you.

  • I have felt a huuuuuge difference during the last few days after our session. I have felt a sense of peace and freedom like never before, and it has affected not only me but also my surroundings.

  • Again, thank you for the way you are, the way you work. You are unique as a healer and a spiritual guide, because of how supportive, respectful, conscientious and just “there” all the time. Being able to write you emails, check-ins, and the mails I have received from you at just the right moment in time makes all of the difference. I am deeply grateful that life guided me to you. And for the healing, I have achieved this past year.

  • Thank you so much, I feel a big difference after today, I can’t believe it! Hopefully, my blood pressure will go down soon.
    But the completely desperate, black cloud has disappeared. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️ Thank you Rikke.

    Big hug
    (I think I am beginning to understand what this energy work really is about)

  • I would love to continue our healing sessions! On at least two occasions, professional healers that I have been working with have told me how much my emotional health has stabilized and strengthened. I have you to thank for that!

  • Just writing to say how much my attitude has changed since our sessions. Yesterday and today I was tested by 2 different ‘friends’, where normally I would have been upset and in a downward spiral of worry.
    However, I have decided not to be affected by their behaviour, and have carried on without thinking too much about it!!
    I realise that I’m not
    to blame for other people’s behaviour, and I realise I don’t ‘need’ to have reassurance from others now.
    Wow, I hope I don’t ever feel like I used to feel, again.

  • I feel better than I ever have. Confusion is not an issue now, I see things more clearly. Hence, now the fear is not there when making decisions!

  • I felt great during and after the session. It was so right and so beautiful. It made sense. I was relaxed and slept well at night.

  • I haven’t gotten around to writing to you, most likely because I have felt a lot better after the session. I have felt a sense of relief both physically and emotionally. My lower back is much better these past 2-3 weeks. Emotionally I have been much more able to be in the present moment, and let go of the thought patterns revolving around disease and despair…

    I am SO happy that we connected, and I clearly feel how important our sessions are for me. I feel a huge sense of gratitude and trust that I am on my way to a better and healed ME.