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My Journey

On this page, you will find a very personal account of my own healing journey. If you are simply looking for a short overview of my professional background and methods, you can find it on the “Training and Background” page.



Since I was a child, I have been unable to enjoy life. Unable to have fun and feel free.

I grew up in emotionally unstable homes. I won’t go into detail here, because what is important is how it affected me, rather than exactly what happened. One of the effects of the instability was that from early childhood I was reluctant and shy – afraid of more or less everything.

I was afraid of people, afraid of choices and decisions. Afraid to talk on the phone, to go to school (and later to work), afraid of parties… If it existed, I was probably afraid of it! But I forced myself to do it all anyway and survived by disconnecting from myself and everything else. Because there is so much that we just have to do, isn’t there? “That’s life”, as they say.

At the same time, I felt ashamed of my vulnerability and of how sensitive I was. Ashamed to be “strange”.

From Chaos to The Emotion Code

Life hurt a lot, from very early on. I was a stressed out child, and that didn’t change just because I grew up.

It resulted in collapse when I was 29 years old. I couldn’t go on any no longer, I had burned out, I was done. It took me more than two years to be able to return to my then profession.

I sought treatment and found some healing and temporary relief here and there. But I couldn’t find deep healing. That is, until in 2013 – as a 37-year-old – when I discovered Dr Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code.

After a life where I had swirled around, like a leaf in the wind, it suddenly became crystal clear to me what I was supposed to do: To work professionally with The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

Striving for a life of soulfulness and freedom

Before I met Dr Nelson and his Emotion Code and Body Code, I had explored a lot of approaches to healing.

Among other things, I had:

  • used approx. 15 years of my life studying astrology
  • practised yoga and had treatments with The Rosen Method, Manuvision / Body SDS treatments, nutrition therapy, and craniosacral therapy
  • tried eating 100% raw, The Blood Type Diet, sugar-free diet, gluten-free diet, paleo diet and vegetarian
  • eaten wild herbs, probiotics, taken homeopathic preparations and various dietary supplements
  • for several years been affiliated with the 12-step community ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and completed the 12 steps with a sponsor
  • studied anthropology, psychology, Heilpraktik, craniosacral therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting
  • seeking healing with psychologists, psychotherapists, couples therapists, and astrologers…

In 2004, I went down a spiritual path that has become progressively more self-reliant. Spirituality is now the foundation of everything else I do in life.

The Emotion Code: The book that led me home

In 2013 I bought the book “The Emotion Code” and I swallowed it. Everything in it resonated with something deep, deep within me. I began practising muscle testing and then started releasing Trapped Emotions from myself and my loved ones.

Reading the book “The Emotion Code” was the start of a personal journey towards deep and lasting healing.

In a few years, my life transformed and healed. And now in 2019 – 6 years later – I have achieved a state of greater balance both physically, emotionally and spiritually than ever before.  

I went from being deeply cut off and disconnected from life, other people and myself, to new dimensions of both inner and outer connection and healthy attachment.

I’m at home in the world. At home in my body. At home in my heart.


A few words on energy healing

The healing I offer is based on The Emotion Code and The Body Code and can be referred to as “energy work”. You may also call it energy healing, energy medicine or even bio-energetic medicine.

It is healing that aims to restore a harmonious energetic state in you. It is healing that dissolves the invisible blockages found in the equally invisible energetic structures that create your physical and mental reality.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are relatively accessible energy healing methods. Tapping / EFT is another even more accessible bio-energetic method that more and more people are exploring and using, thank goodness. 

It is revolutionary that we humans now have access to tools that really nourish and heal us. Tools that are able to loosen up the inhibiting tightness in the depths of our being. 

It is no wonder that these methods have gained immense popularity in a very short time. They fill a gigantic hole in our being because they reconnect us with our ability to heal ourselves energetically.


Healing is possible

Yes, it is true what you sense in the depth of your heart:

Healing is possible!

If you didn’t know, wouldn’t you just give up on healing? But since you are reading this right now, you obviously haven’t given up! Congratulations!

I didn’t give up either, I stubbornly kept believing that deep healing could be achieved.

And from the depths of my heart, I pray that you keep believing too and maintain an unwavering belief in that voice in you – no matter how small, tired and weak it may have become after many years of pain. Believe in the voice whispering that there is another way. That another reality is possible for you. That there is another purpose to your existence.

You were not meant to live in pain and then die unfulfilled. No one is!

There are unexplored paths that lead to in-depth healing of everything in you that repeats pain and attracts pain and which may be killing you physically or spiritually.

There are ways to achieve a deep cleansing, that will allow your essence to finally unfold and to light you and the world. Everything else is not you.

The pain is not you. But it is in you and as long as it is in you, it will feel as if that is who you are. But this is one of the most disastrous illusions people are subjected to: That they are the pain.

It simply isn’t true. Pain is an over-layer, it is a distortion.

Pain is blocked flow, blocked energy, blocked life. And what creates the blockages is primarily half-processed or completely repressed painful experiences. Whether they occurred in you, or you inherited them from your ancestors, or they were absorbed by you subconsciously from the people around you.


Inherited Pain

One of the things I hadn’t truly realized until I started working with The Emotion Code and The Body Code was, that we all carry inherited darkness, inherited pain. That there are codings and blockages in us, that stems from the traumatic experiences that our ancestors accumulated up until we were born. Whew! No wonder, that so many of us experience this life as a pretty “uphill” journey. We often sense, that there are things that weigh us down, that we can’t really see or grasp.  

My inheritance consisted mainly of coding and stuck emotions related to struggling through life to survive. That I am alone and no one is going to help me. 

My energy body was pervaded by a wealth of energetic filth and impurities, which told me (subconsciously) that life is fundamentally hard, unkind, filled with rejection and broken hopes. End of discussion!

I was coded to experience myself as helpless and condemned to poverty. That I had to “settle” and accept the path I was given by others, rather than find my own.

And sure enough, that became my experienced reality already in my mother’s womb.

Me, app. age 3. Physically present, energetically absent. A very familiar state. 

My life before healing

Now I am passionate about helping people.

Because I know what it is like to feel completely stuck in dysfunctional patterns that just repeat themselves over and over again.

Because I know how it feels to be deep, deeply disillusioned and without hope.

I know how it feels to struggle year in and year out, feeling terrified every second – in particular of the fear itself.

(I didn’t know I suffered from anxiety until I was in my early thirties. Until then, I thought it was “just me”, that something was wrong with me and that I just needed to get my act together.)

I would perform self-sabotage over and over again. (Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time. I just felt as if life was out to get me, and that I couldn’t do anything about it.)


I too have been a shadow of myself.


My thoughts and actions were usually half-crazy, simply because they were completely out of alignment with who I really am.

I was so over-adapted and blocked that I hardly existed anymore. Other than as an extremely vague feeling that “something” was utterly and completely, dead wrong.

And of course I ignored that feeling, as much as possible.


Because I was so scared: Afraid of failing, afraid of being rejected, afraid of being laughed at.

My lifes strategy was to keep others happy and satisfied: To stay very close to what I thought others felt was “right” to not be excluded.

Instead, I became almost invisible. My inner voice was eventually almost inaudible. At the same time the inner fear voices were all over the place.

In the name of (over-) adaptation, I had pushed myself, my heart and my inner wisdom aside. All that was left was the fear. So it became my guide in more or less every aspect of my life.

Boy, it sure was noisy, the fear. And it messed my life up one time after another…: 

All the things I didn’t dare do, that I actually wanted to do.

All the things I did, which I didn’t really want to do, but was afraid not to.


When Fear Leads the Way

Everything is complicated when fear leads the way.

Fear makes simple choices hard – almost impossible – to make. Ultimately because we humans fear exclusion more than death itself. Exclusion is hell, it’s the eternally burning fire. We would rather banish ourselves than experience others do it. We would rather condemn ourselves and our own hearts than risk condemnation from the outside world.

There were signs all over my body and mind that “something” was wrong. A selection:

Anxiety, headaches, chronic stress, nightmares, restlessness, guilt feelings, sugar dependence, irritable bowel, hypoglycemia, eczema of the scalp, dry skin, dysfunctional relationships, inflammation of most of the body, trauma symptoms (muscle tension, shame, joint pain, worries, locked feeling in body and psyche) …

Perhaps you recognize the picture?


Man, sweet man … and the turning point

In relation to both men and education, I was all over the place for most of my youth. I started on a number of unfinished programs and took random jobs. And then there were a whole lot of random, confused relationships that (positively angled) helped me to discover that something in me was completely, totally “off”.

I had no idea who I was.

The years 2005/06 became the turning point. That was the year I met, my now husband, Jesper.

He had to fight hard to get me “on board”. He was too stable and loving compared to those I usually ended up with. But for the first time in my life, I had the experience of being able to feel completely relaxed and of really being myself together with a man. It was the beginning of the end for Rikke, who could not be herself in the world.

I am very grateful for my husband’s patience. The longer we are together, the more I understand how much I owe it! Our marriage has not been easy. On top of all the crises we have experienced together, it has been difficult, sometimes impossible, to get through to me because I was so cut off from myself and my heart. Thanks Loving Universe, for the blessing Jesper is in my life.

My lovely family 


The collapse 

Approximately six months after I met Jesper, I experienced a complete collapse.

In hindsight, I realize that meeting with him brought me into contact with a truth that I was completely disconnected from: That things are allowed to be easy. It doesn’t always have to be difficult and complicated. But almost everything else in my life was difficult, complicated and crooked at the time.

Now I was required to pay the bill for the seemingly endless years, in which I had flogged myself through life and made countless fearful choices based on other people, instead of on the deepest longings of my own heart.

If something didn’t work, I believed I was at fault. It couldn’t be the world that was on the wrong track. It had to be me, who just had to get my act together. 

But in the summer of 2005 I simply couldn’t get that darn act together anymore. I actually couldn’t do anything. I quit my job. The job consultant sent me on a sick-leave. And then I slept and cried. Because that was all I was able to do.

It took quite some time before I dared to go see the doctor (I fell through an administrative hole in the municipality’s system). Six months passed before I went to the doctor and got help. I was admitted to a hospital and medicated for anxiety and depression.

My life fell apart. The untrue life. The non-sustainable life.

It hurt terribly. And it was absolutely necessary!


I slowly got back on my feet. In particular, due to the 12 step fellowship ACA and dietary changes: A sugar and gluten-free diet helped me heal to a point where I could quit the medication.

About 5 years later, however, deep crises hit again, and this time it was “all or nothing”. Life required me to heal very, very deeply.

First we got our lovely daughter, but we had a bad start as a family. You can read more about this in the section on EFT here.

Finally, Jesper and I chose to leave Copenhagen and move to the countryside. We bought our dream home. Finally, things would turn around for us, we believed. After a number of years where both of us had had breakdowns and been deeply stressed, we felt we were given a new start…

But the house turned out to be full of mold. And even though we had secured ourselves with consultants, lawyers and insurance, there was no insurance coverage and no one could be held responsible according to Danish law. The house was worthless and we didn’t have the money to renovate it. And we experienced more and more physical symptoms from living in it.

The curtain went down on both of us. Deep crisis. Complete darkness. No visible light. No apparent path forward.

I realized over time that I was faced with a choice: This time I had to let go and trust life completely, or I would drown in bitterness and heartache. I chose to begin trusting. And life responded to my trust and everything began to change fundamentally as I began to remember and re-connect with who I truly and really am. 

How I work

The Body Code system (and thus The Emotion Code) is my foundation. I routinely integrate other methods, when relevant. I have a lot of strings to play, for the benefit of those who have had the rug pulled from under them and are deeply stressed.

In particular I give a lot of focus to grounding and the connection with the heart. These are the two main focal points of the healing I offer.

Your degree of grounding is paramount. It is the foundation of your being in this physical world. And it is the foundation upon which your heart may heal. 

The healing of your heart, on the other hand, is what enables you to realize your deepest dreams and longings. To live from your essence! And isn’t that ultimately what you desire?

Maybe you are disconnected from your heart to a degree, where you don’t even know what you dream of and desire. You are not alone.

I’ve been there.

And that is a chapter we open, once the majority of trauma energies have been released, and both the body and the mind have become freer.

The essence

That Shape My Work

I am extremely curious as a person. Constantly studying and looking for useful knowledge, methods and approaches.

I have discovered that curiosity is part of my deepest essence. It is a curiosity that makes me explore wide-ranging fields, because I cannot help but ask questions and seek answers.

In the past, I perceived it as a rootlessness and a restlessness. It was actually something I was ashamed of!

Now I know that I have an extremely acute sense of whether or not something works for me. And if it doesn’t work then my mind refuses to focus on it, no matter how hard I try. But if it works, I immerse myself in it with all of my heart.

I tailor each healing journey to match the client’s needs, and hence no two journeys are similar.

However, there are common threads in the work. In addition to the Body Code / Emotion Code system, you can be sure that I will integrate body awareness work, visualizations and exploration of inner landscapes. Everything else will move to match your needs. 

And that is how I like it! Because my own need for movement, my curiosity and the longing to understand the psyche and the secrets of human life is going to be with me always – it is part of my deepest essence.

Creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code Dr Bradley Nelson with certified practitioner Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen in Salt Lake City
Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen & Dr Bradley Nelson

Photo above: Me with one of my personal heroes Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code. The photo was taken at one of the membership events in Salt Lake City 2015.

Safe and Heartcentered

It has been very, very helpful to become more grounded. It is something I have tried to accomplish for a long time on my own but that I wasn’t able to achieve. Thank you!