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Privacy Policy, Cookie-policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

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Privacy Policy for Release & Shine

1. Data Manager

Release & Shine

Gammel Klintevej 5 

4791 Borre

CVR: 36229896

Tel:+45 2210 3582

Mail: rikke@releaseandshine.com

Owner: Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen

2. Purposes and processing of personal data

Release & Shine processes personal data about you when you contact me via mail, letter, website, social media and in connection with the purchase of services or goods or fulfilment of contracts and agreements.

The personal information you submit to me, digitally or in paper form, is processed by me personally according to purpose and relevance.

Only I have access to your personal information and files. I delete your personal information when it is no longer needed.

In the case of clients, I also process sensitive information, e.g. relating to your health, the reasons you contact me, and anything else that may come up during our work together. In order to provide my services, it is necessary for me to continuously write down notes on our cooperation and on our sessions.

3. Clients and Affiliates

I use your personal information to deliver my healing services to you.

I also use them to improve my services and to target my messages to you, including targeting advertisements and content for you.

I use excerpts of sessions and emails in my newsletter, website or other material I produce. Reproduction without direct consent will always take place in an anonymized form where all personal data that could lead to recognition is omitted.

4. Third party processing of personal data

In order to  provide the service that you have purchased, your data will be handled by third party service providers or agents.

For instance when paying for services and shipping of goods / aromatherapy. 

Data is also processed by my data processors in connection with the operation of IT systems and related services, such as booking system and client management system.

Most of the suppliers are US companies, so to ensure your security, I have signed so-called Data Transfer Agreements, etc. with all of them to ensure that they handle your data in accordance with EU regulations.

I will only disclose personal information to other third parties, including public authorities, if you have expressly consented to it or it is my statutory obligation to do so.

5. Security

Release & Shine only uses data management services that meet the legal requirements for security.

The data can only be accessed by me and only using passwords and often also two-factor identification.

Sensitive data is transported and stored in encrypted mode (https://gsuite.google.com/intl/en/faq/security/).

You have access to your information and your log through your personal client portal yourself. This is a secure portal that is protected by a personal password.

You have a co-responsibility to keep the portal secure, by avoiding sharing links and code with others.

If you suspect that others have accessed your code, it is your duty to notify me as soon as possible.

I expect you to do what you can to secure your personal data yourself:

  • In your client portal you will find a link to your log. Since anyone with the relevant link can access your log, it is important for the security of it that you never share the link with anyone or bookmark the document.
  • Do not store your password for the portal on your computer.
  • Shut down all windows after you finish the portal and read your log.
6. Consent

In most cases, my processing of your personal data is based on consent, ie. your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. 

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You can do so by contacting me on the contact details set out above in paragraph 1.

If you choose to withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legality of my processing of your personal data based on your prior consent and up to the time of withdrawal. Therefore, withdrawing your consent will only take effect from this point on. 

7. Websites, social media and marketing

In connection with your activity  on my website and pages on social media, your and other users’ traffic is registered via “cookies”. This information is used to measure traffic and keep statistics of the most visited pages. You are completely anonymous in this statistic.

Read my cookie-policy below.

When you submit information via forms from my website, this is done via a secure connection (SSL encryption).

8. Deletion of personal data

I delete your personal data in accordance with the general rules of limitation that apply in Denmark. I regularly delete personal information that is not necessary once, when the purpose they were collected for is no longer relevant. 

I will keep your personal information as long as I have an active relationship with you.

When the contractual relationship is terminated, I will store your personal data for as long as I am obliged to do so by law, including accounting law.

Under normal circumstances, I keep data from clients for 3 years from the last session. After 3 years sensitive information is permanently deleted.

9. Your rights

You are entitled at any time to gain access to the information I process about you. You also have the right to object to the collection and the further processing of your personal information. You also have the right to correct, delete or block your personal information in accordance with the rules. You have the right to receive all information about yourself that you have given to me upon request.

Cookie policy

This website uses cookies. I use cookies to personalize my content and ads, to show you social media features and to analyze website traffic. I also share information about your use of the website with social media partners, advertising partners and analytics partners. My partners may combine this data with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected from your use of their services. You agree to my cookies if you continue to use my website.

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to enhance a user’s experience.

The law states that I can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary to ensure the delivery of the service you expressly has requested to use. For all other types of cookies, I must obtain your consent.

This site uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are set by third-party services that appear on my pages.

Your consent applies to the following domains:




Terms and Conditions


When you purchase sessions or packages, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions, my Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer.

Payment is made via bank, MobilePay or my booking system prior to sessions.

Payment for individual sessions and packages can be made up to 24 hours before the session.

In case a session is paid for through a package, the first installment must be paid no later than 24 hours before the first session.

If payment does not take place within the specified time frame, I have the right to cancel the session and dispose freely of the booked time.

You can pay via the link in both the confirmation email and the reminder email. If you have lost these emails, please contact me: rikke@releaseandshine.com.

Invoices can be viewed and paid through the client portal.

There are currently no fees for payment plans.


You can cancel your session up to 24 hours before the appointment begins. This can be done via the link in the confirmation email.


You can move your time up to 24 hours before the session begins. This is done via the link in the confirmation email. You can also write to me at rikke@releaseandshine.com. Not all available times can be accessed through my online booking system.


Release & Shine offers full reimbursement of unused sessions in packages. Explanation is appreciated but is not a requirement.

Used sessions are of course not refundable.

Validity of

Packages of 3-5 sessions are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed.

Packages with 10 sessions are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed.




It is 100% your responsibility to use the aromatherapy agents properly. Read the safety instructions carefully before using the product:

Release & Shine and Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen cannot be held responsible for any damage or discomfort that may occur after you use an aromatherapeutic product.

The effectiveness of the remedies is inextricably linked with how they are used and how often. Always follow the given instructions for use. 

I recommend that the remedies are handled only by adults. Children should never use them unsupervised, and they should always be stored out of their reach. 


The energy healing and resources that I, Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen, offer and make available are not a substitute for medical / medical treatment. 

Information about healing, remedies and aids provided on my websites, social media and newsletters is general and should never be considered as advice. If you have any questions about the information or if you have any doubts about the content, it is your personal duty to seek answers and clarification either with me or with another professional.

Information given in sessions is not intended as medical or medical advice and should not be seen / used as a diagnostic tool or medical treatment. They are intended as a service only and should not replace relevant medical / medical treatment.

Information you receive in a given session is not intended to create a doctor-patient relationship and should not be seen as a substitute for relevant health care advice.

If you have any questions or concerns about your health, I refer you to seek help and advice from your own physician or other relevant healthcare professional.

If you are unsure whether a given recommendation is safe for you to follow, I expect you to seek the advice of your own physician before proceeding.

Muscle testing is a very valuable tool but it is not a 100% flawless method. Since the content of the sessions is largely based on muscle testing, it is important that you understand and accept this premise.

The healing Release & Shine and Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen offers can promote inner harmony and balance, relieve stress and support the body’s own innate ability to heal.

Energy healing is generally widely recognized as a valuable and effective supplement to traditional medical treatment.

The service offered by Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen may support your body in healing and balance, but no claims are made that the treatments will cure or eliminate any disease.

Release & Shine and Rikke Wriedt Klüver-Kristensen cannot be held responsible for any effect of actions taken on the basis of the information on the websites or information given in sessions and provide no guarantees as to the effect of the treatment.

If you cannot accept these terms, you must immediately discontinue the use of websites. If you cannot accept these conditions, you can’t receive any treatment from Release & Shine.